They Were Just Fooling Around with the Camera when Something Unexpected Happened

Two girls got bored in a class. So, they took a camera and had fun making faces, recording their crazy moments together.

Then, they decided to prank the cute guy sitting at their back. I am quite sure he is their secret crush.

The girl in red made it appear like she tapped him with her finger. At that moment, he seemed to be brushing away something off the corner of his eye. The other girl then made gestures as if she was tickling his nose. A few seconds later, he sneezed.

This brought the girls to a fit of giggles, catching the guy’s attention. He appeared to notice he was being filmed but did not mind it. He just went back to writing.

Meanwhile, the two girls were rolling with laughter at their antics. It was clearly the perfect timing.

Enjoy the funny video here: