They Were Just Having Fun ‘Wishing’ in the Sleigh…Then, This Happened

A real-life Santa visited a small village in the Dominican Republic, giving awesome gifts to its inhabitants who did not believe their wishes would soon come true.

It began one fine morning when a blue sleigh appeared at a corner in the tropical village. The kids were the first ones to discover the blue thing which appeared to have come from somewhere with snow – like the North Pole, perhaps?

The villagers told the digital Santa on the screen in the sleigh about their wishes. Some had simple wishes while others told the old man their deepest desires; though they did not really know whether these will be granted.

Little did the villagers know that the Santa Claus on the screen was real. He is the Santa of WestJet, a budget airline known for its amazing generosity during the Christmas season.

WestJet ‘elves’ and volunteers quickly looked for the items the villagers had wished for, wrapping them up and getting these ready for the party of a lifetime.

What did the villagers wish for? Did they get what they wish for?

Watch the video here: