They were Living in the Sewers for Weeks…Watch Touching Moment the Big Brother Protects Sister from Rescuers

Dogs are man’s best friends yet there are times when man becomes tired of his dogs and merely abandons them to die.

This is what happened to dog siblings that rescuers would later call as Pepsi and Cola. They were abandoned at a highway to die but as luck would have it, a family found them and began leaving them food to eat. The family was unable to take them home but continued to bring them food on a daily basis. They also called Hope for Paws, a non-profit rescue organization to save the dogs.

The two had made the sewers as their home. Rescuers had to craw beneath these tunnels to reach the dogs. They were touched to see the dogs huddling together, with the big brother trying his best to protect his sister by shielding her from the people whose intentions he does not know yet.

Thankfully, this breed is not aggressive; they soon allowed the people to remove them from the dirty sewers. Watch the touching rescue in this video posted by Hope for Paws: