They were Shocked to Find Killer Whales Following Them…But the Orcas had Other Plans

Several divers were in the warm waters of Mexico when the dive was cut short after the dive master saw some killer whales in the area.

Rich and Laura Howard were among the divers. They were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.

Underwater, they were not informed why the dive was cut short but upon reaching the surface, they immediately knew the reason. There were massive dorsal fins heading towards their boat.

Just when Laura and Rich thought the dorsal fins belong to some humpback whales or other relatively harmless species, some orcas or killer whales surfaced and began following their boat.

Somewhat scared by the 20 something orcas, Laura let out a scream. The boat immediately went away from the area to escape the danger but the orcas followed. But instead of pursuing them as prey, the orcas had something else in mind.

Watch the video below to watch this awesome encounter.