They were Swimming with Manta Rays when a Dolphin Joins the Group…Heartbreaking

A group of divers were at the Kona Coast in Hawaii for an open ocean manta ray night dive when they encountered something they would never forget.

While swimming with the manta rays, they were surprised when a dolphin appeared and joined the group. This dolphin was not being playful. In fact, it was moving quite stiffly. This puzzled the divers.

The sea creature swam in the waters close to the divers, moving closer to some of them. This is when they realized that something was wrong – they saw a hook and line affecting its mouth and left pectoral fin.

It continued to swim with them and appeared to be asking for help, so the group decided to help. What was quite surprising is that the dolphin seemed to understand that humans can help because it stopped moving when someone began cutting the line from around its mouth.

Freed from the line, the dolphin moved to the surface for air but went back to the divers to ask for the hook to be removed from its fin.

Watch the heartbreaking video below: