Thief Breaks into Woman’s Car and Steals Some Things But Drops His Phone Inside… Victim Calls His Mom!

After discovering that someone broke into her car and stole some things, Eliza Webb was ready to call the police when she noticed a smartphone left behind, presumably by the culprit.

She decided to first check the phone before calling the cops. Having worked at a facility helping teens out, she quickly deduced that a teen owns the phone and had mostly likely been on a dare when he stole from her car.

Checking into his speed dial gave Eliza the number of the teen’s mom. Thinking that the teen deserved a second chance, she decided not to call the police but called his mom instead.

Screenshot from video by Good Morning America

It was an awkward conversation, she admitted, as it was rather difficult to tell the other woman that her son had broken the law but Eliza knew that this was a positive way to stop the teen from committing further crimes.

The teen’s mother told Eliza their address. She visited the teen who looked dejected and appeared to have been crying. Eliza readily forgave the teen but was shocked to learn that her car wasn’t the only one he robbed that day.

According to the teen, he and a friend had been drinking when they began opening unlocked car doors and stealing stuff inside. They actually burgled a total of ten cars that night!

Eliza decided that social justice would best serve the teen this time. So, rather than turning him over to the cops, she asked him to personally return the items he and his friend stole – and to also apologize to their victims. She hopes that he wouldn’t do it again.

The teen was lucky that Eliza and the other victims did not press charges but we hope that would be the last time he’d ever steal!

The news anchors of Good Morning America as well as many netizens didn’t fully agree with Eliza’s decision, however, saying that the teens deserved to be punished in accordance with the law.

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