This 9-Year-Old Boy Plays the Piano So Well, He Sounds Like a Recording

Reality talent shows like America’s Got Talent have allowed many people to finally have the chance to showcase their talents for the world to see whereas in the past, you have to cross your fingers that a talent scout might discover you in some random local talent show.

Adrian Romoff was just 9 years old when he joined America’s Got Talent back in 2014. He wasn’t just a piano prodigy, he was also a genius who skipped five grades and was already in 8th grade at the time he auditioned for the talent show. He would also reveal he was actually juggling 9th grade that same year.

It was his bubbly personality that really appealed to the judges and the audience as he entertained them with his cheeky answers to their questions.

Photo credit: America’s Got Talent / YouTube

When he began his performance, everyone was amazed at how his little fingers seemed to fly over the keys in the fast-paced piece called “Flight of the Bumblebee”. Just watching the video, do you think it was really him playing that piece?

Are you exhausted now? I’m exhausted from this,” judge Heidi Klum asked.

The cheeky little kid replied, “Well, you’d be even more exhausted if you were doing this.

While he was also quite impressed, Howard Stern mused that he’s not so sure if Adrian was actually the one playing the piece or this was just a recording; thus, the kid offered to play another song.

Photo credit: America’s Got Talent / YouTube

He picked Chopin’s “Grande Valse Brillante” in E-flat major – and managed to finally convince Howard that it was really him playing the piano.

The kid would go on to reach the quarterfinals; though he would be eliminated. But while he didn’t win the contest, he did win a lot of fans. Of course, he also had quite a number of haters who didn’t like his flare in music but there were more who were impressed by his talent. After all, he’s 9 years old but could already do this.

He’s recently gone viral again, with people re-sharing his audition piece despite this video being quite old…

Check out his audition piece here: