This Adorable Baby Girl and Her Great Grandma Were Born Exactly 100 Years Apart!

While there are many of us who share birthdays with other members of the family – and that’s always statistically possible, of course – it still is adorable to experience it, anyway.

Take for example this adorable little girl who shares a birthdate with her great grandmother. But what makes this shared birthday extra special is that the baby girl was born exactly 100 years after her great grandmother! Isn’t that so wonderful?

Photo credit: Facebook / Globe Today
Photo credit: Facebook / Globe Today

It surely was quite exciting for the family when they celebrated Great Grandma’s birthday and the little girl chose that day to get out to this world!

And each year, as she celebrates her birthday, she always has someone to share it with. When the time comes that the great grandma will no longer be around, everyone can still celebrate and remember her on her special day because of the little girl.

Wouldn’t it also be lovely to share a birthday with your great grandkid someday?

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Globe Today

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