This Amazing 12-year-Old Homeschooled Boy Begins Engineering Course at an Ivy League School

Considering that this kid had read ‘The Lord of the Rings’ books by himself at age 5, we were not surprised to learn that Jeremy Shuler will begin his college education at age 12 – at an Ivy League school at that!

According to his parents, Jeremy had always been fond of learning even at a very young age. In fact, even at 3 months old he was already ‘fixated with letters’ and had mastered his ABCs by 15 months. Amazingly, at 21 months old, he was already reading books in English and Korean, by himself.

Aside from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ books, Jeremy has read ‘Journey Through Genius: The Great Theorems of Mathematics’ on his own at age 5 that his parents knew it was pointless to enroll him in preschool.

So, mom Harrey Shuler put her own aerospace engineering doctorate on hold so she could focus on homeschooling Jeremy. Her sacrifice and hard work paid off, quite easily. His parents enrolled him at Texas Tech University Independent School District which allows students to take their high school courses at their own pace – and Jeremy aced through high school like it was a breeze.


By 10 years old, Jeremy was already ready for college, based on his elite-level SAT and Advanced Placement test scores in both math and science. In fact, he was so advanced even among the other exam takers that at age 10, he placed in the 99.6 percentile for all college-bound seniors that year.

But he had to wait two more years before starting college as Cornell Engineering Dean Lance Collins believed it was better if he started college with both his parents there to guide him. With the family being based in Grand Prairie, Texas, where his dad Andy worked at Lockheed Martin, they would soon move to Ithaca, New York so Jeremy can study at Cornell University.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Mike Groll
Photo credit: AP Photo/Mike Groll

Even if he waited two years after his first exams to finally start as a college freshman, he still is the youngest student on record at the university!

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