This Awesome 8-Year-Old Girl Will Surely Make You Smile

There are things we often take for granted – including the people we have in our lives. Then, they pass away and we realize they have been very important in our lives.

Well, for the family in the video, it was the other way around. The grandmother of the family, Linda, was one of the people who always try to make a difference in other people’s lives. She was certainly loved by everyone, not just her family and friends. She was an integral part of the family’s lives so that when she died at age 59, they were all devastated.

In her honor, her granddaughter (Alex) and her parents have gone to great lengths to make other people happy – in the same way the grandma had done in the past. They decided to make 600 random acts of kindness for strangers, a mission they were able to accomplish just in time for Linda’s 60th birthday.

Watch how this kid accomplished her mission: