This Awesome Dad Shares a Secret Handshake with His Daughter…This is So Sweet!

It is always great to hear good news of families having a good time and bonding with each other to balance depressing news. This is why a video shared by YouTube user 5Aldin has easily found a way to our hearts.

In this sweet video, a dad could be seen kneeling on the carpet so he could be at the same level as his daughter. The two demonstrated a secret handshake which might appear a little too long compared with a normal handshake yet it simply goes to show just how much these two love each other that they can create this bond symbol without worrying about how long or short it would last.

I bet they are going to do that secret handshake for a long, long time…

Check out this sweet video and tell us whether you also have a secret handshake with your loved ones:

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SF Globe

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