This Awesome Hotel Welcomes Over 900 Dogs and Their Families During Hurricane

As Hurricane Irma approached Florida, people living there faced a difficult decision of staying and putting themselves in great danger or leaving their pets behind because most hotels don’t allow guests to have animals.

But this hotel is different.

Hyatt Regency Orlando welcomed their guests including those who brought their pets with them.

“We proudly welcomed over 4,500 guests and over 900 dogs during Hurricane Irma,” said Katie Satava, marketing manager at the Hyatt Regency Orlando according to Lifedaily

Image from Lifedaily

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the hotel dropped the standard pet cleaning fee from $150 to $50 over the weekend and the guests were so grateful that Hyatt accommodated them.

Image from Shelterme

Aside from their preparation for the storm, they even set something special for their guests – a pool table, games and movies inside a multipurpose room. The guests were really appreciative of how accommodating Hyatt was; despite the heavy weather that Hurricane Irma brought, the hotel gave an impromptu vacation to the guests and their pets.

The hotel staff seemed to enjoy the special guests, too.

Image from Lifedaily

One of the young guest together with her family of two dogs said “I couldn’t imagine leaving them in a shelter and not knowing if they were okay. We’re glad that they’re with us so we know that they’re safe.”