This Beautiful Woman Takes a Selfie Every Day But the Shots Were Soon Quite Disturbing…

A beautiful woman documents her life on a daily basis by taking a selfie but this soon turns out to be a quiet cry for help as she shows viewers a glimpse of what was happening behind closed doors. For even when she does not say anything at all, it was clear that she was being abused by someone, presumably her partner or husband.

Some of the photos showed a beautiful lady with a flawless face yet there were many that showed her with bruises. Towards the end of the video, the bruises had gotten worse and she also had red welts or wounds!

At the end of the video, she holds up a sign which translates to “Help Me. I do not know if I can wait until tomorrow.”

The clip was created by the Croatian government to address domestic violence. Yes, this was staged but it sends a clear message against domestic violence and encourages women to seek help before something worse happens.

Check out the video here: