This Car’s Surface Transforms into ‘The Incredible Hulk’ with Heat… It Would Definitely Be Awesome to Drive this on a Hot Day!

Would you paint your car with a huge image of ‘The Incredible Hulk’? Well, while it looks cool, driving around with the Hulk on your car might not always be a wonderful thing (or is it?).

But what if you can ‘hide’ the painting and let it come out at certain times? That would certainly be much cooler than having the Hulk just stay there in the open!

Screenshot from video by BMWBLOGsi / YouTube
Screenshot from video by BMWBLOGsi / YouTube

If you are into cars and awesome car body paints, then you will surely love the detail on this BMW X6. The mid-size luxury crossover maintains its blue color most of the time but when subjected to heat (such as the hot water used in the video), the ‘The Incredible Hulk’ comes out.

It really is so cool!

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