This Chameleon is Awesome! Watch Its Hands Move as It Pops Bubbles

We’ve seen lots of videos of pets doing cute things but most of these pets are cats, dogs, or birds such as parrots. Sometimes there are viral clips of horses or fish or turtles but have you ever seen one featuring a chameleon?

You’ve got to watch this funny video shared by user [email protected] on YouTube showing a chameleon who loves to pop bubbles. As soon as bubbles are blown its way, the chameleon named Laura would stand on its hind legs and use his front paws to catch these bubbles. I admire its talent of balancing on the owner’s hand while trying to reach those enthralling thin bubbles floating in the air.

It is cool how this little creature learned to do this trick. I am sure her owner is proud of her; though I am wondering just how long it took to train Laura how to do this trick or if she fell in love with bubbles the moment they blew some her way and did not need any training to pop these things.

Check out the fun video here: