This ‘Community Fridge’ in London Helps Feed The Homeless, It’s Something Every Country Should Have

Food waste is a huge and completely unnecessary worldwide problem. Sometimes, it’s a sad reality that thousands of homeless people in the streets from all over the world starve to death even if there are billions of food getting wasted every year.

With this in mind, kindhearted individuals and groups from all over the world eventually came up with the idea of having the so-called “Community Fridge”.

These ‘community refrigerators’ are slowly being put up around the world, and the homeless are being fed, while lesser food are getting wasted. Isn’t it a wonderful idea? I think, every country needs this in order to create a society wherein no one goes hungry again.

This particular one we are going to share today can be found in London and it’s called “The People’s Fridge”. People can share their excess garden produce (like tomatoes, apples, onions and such), tinned or dried goods; bakeries and cafes can donate any unsold bread, sandwiches and baked items, which would normally be thrown away.

The fridge is filled by shops, restaurants and people who have food to spare and food that they can’t use, and anyone can take food from the it.

For some, it may be just a simple fridge, but for the people it helps, it is a really big thing. Instead of letting the food go to waste, these kindhearted people share it to those who need it.

Sometimes, one may feel like when you have only a small amount to donate then it’s not worth donating, but mind you, remember that even just an extra sandwich or a couple of bread rolls can make a difference to someone’s day and help reduce the amount of food which goes to waste.

It’s like a food revolution, one fridge at a time! If more countries will do this, at some point in the future, no one will go hungry. Aside from helping the homeless and the hungry, this practice teaches us NOT to waste food.

Why not make it a project for every country to have this? If every country has this, no one will go hungry again! Remember, even one simple act of kindness can go a long way. 

Hit the play button below and see for yourself what this “Community Fridge” does.

What are your thoughts on this? Share with us your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

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