This Couple Quit Their High-Paying Jobs to Travel Around the World, Now Scrub Toilets and Wash Dishes to Earn Money

As advertising executives, Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger from South Africa were receiving high salaries but they decided to quit their jobs to travel around the world back in 2014. It was truly exciting, right?

Their savings got them through the first few months, with the two enjoying their extended vacation and having fun counting the number of kilometers they have already traveled away from home. They chronicle their journey via Instagram using their account How Far From Home.

In the places they gone to, they would take a photo of the stunning spots, sometimes holding a piece of board to indicate how far they have already gone.

But while a lot of people envy their seemingly glamorous lifestyle, imagining themselves also taking a long break from work to just travel around the world and worry about nothing, Cartell and Dirnberger would later reveal that things weren’t as exciting in reality as their pictures had suggested.

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While they did enjoy the beautiful spots and delighted in doing activities in these new places they visited, their lives ‘behind the scenes’ were the opposite of fun and glamor.

So far, I think we’ve tallied 135 toilets scrubbed, 250 kilos of cow dung spread, 2 tons of rocks shovelled, 60 metres of pathway laid, 57 beds made, and I cannot even remember how many wine glasses we’ve polished,” Cartell revealed.

Everyone envied their luxurious lifestyle but they actually experienced a lot of difficulties.

You see, to come from the luxuries we left behind in Johannesburg, to the brutal truth of volunteer work, we are now on the opposite end of the scale. We’re toilet cleaners, dog poop scoopers, grocery store merchandisers, and rock shovelers,” she added.

Still, many people continue to envy the couple for having the chance to travel to many places around the world. Even though they do dirty, menial jobs like scrubbing toilets, handling cow dung, and washing plates, they’re still living the life that many people could only dream of…

So, would you leave a high-paying job to travel the world (and scrub toilets along the way)?