This Dancer Brings a Skipping Rope to the Stage…Her Dance Moves Were Unbelievable!

How good are you at using the skipping rope? For many of us, it is easy to do a couple of jumps and some tricks, but no more than that.

So, when I found this video on YouTube, I was amazed! How could this lady turn something as ordinary as a skipping rope into an incredible prop for this dance routine? It was truly fantastic and worth sharing…

Meet Adrienn Banhegyi, skipping rope world champion – yep, there’s one! Judging from her routines, no one would dare question her title!

What is even more fantastic about her superb routine is that she appears to be enjoying every second of it, smiling and laughing as she jumped and danced around. Plus, it appears like she was not even breaking a sweat with the upbeat routine. Wow!