This Deck Turns Into a Swimming Pool with Just a Press of a Button! Impressive

It would be lovely to have a swimming pool at home but it is not always ideal to have a deep body of water in your yard if you have kids. One solution to that is to place a fence around the pool area. Another option is to simply install a cover that would become a deck when the pool is not in use.

Of course, this disappearing pool idea is not just to hide the pool so the kids can be safe but to simply make the yard look different. After all, the deck does not come cheap. In fact, these disappearing pools are more expensive than the ordinary – and are a must-have for the elite! Prices for these pools can be around half a million dollars or more!

The hydro floor would surely be something the guests would be amaze of come party time. It would be quite perfect to have the party at the yard, then, reveal the pool to surprise them.

What do you think of this architectural wonder? I’d surely love to have this pool but I don’t have half a million dollars lying around. LOL.