This Dedicated Dad Sells Pens So His Kids Can Eat and Go to School

He doesn’t have a job but has some children to feed and send to school; thus, this Filipino dad named Jun climbs aboard buses in Metro Manila, Philippines to sell different types of pens for a living.

His story was shared on social media by a certain Hub Pacheco who sent Tatay Jun’s photo to the Facebook page of Top Gear Philippines, a popular site in the country. According to the post, Tatay Jun carries a typewritten sign and shows it to passengers by way of explanation as to why he was trying to sell them pens.

Photo credit: Facebook/Top Gear Philippines-Hub Pacheco
Photo credit: Facebook/Top Gear Philippines-Hub Pacheco

In the note, the prices of the pens (ballpens, sign pens, and marker pens) are listed as well as a brief apology for disturbing the passengers since he only wants to earn some money – and this was the only noble way he could think of so he could have enough money to buy food and daily needs for his family as well as send his kids to school.

Netizens on the Facebook page commended Tatay Jun for going the noble route of earning money instead of what other unfortunate folks might be doing: stealing or begging.