This Dog was Just having Lunch…But the Bird is the Star of the Show

Do you have pets of different species at home? It would be interesting to watch their interaction with each other.

A good example of great interaction between pets of different species can be found in this video shared by CutiesNFuzzies on YouTube.

While the dog is having lunch, the family’s pet bird took it upon itself to give the dog something wonderful to enjoy: a special show! So, as the dog munched on its food, the bird began singing a sweet melody. It sounds wonderful to the ears.

The lunchtime serenade goes viral, gaining over 570,000 views ever since it was uploaded on YouTube. It just shows how appreciative we are about nature. Birds are truly awesome, right?

It would be great to have such a bird at home – or at least have the chance to listen to this beautiful music while we enjoy our meal. I bet it would be quite relaxing and fulfilling at the same time.

Watch the sweet bird serenade the dog here: