This Family Lives a Real-Life Fairytale as Modern Day Rapunzels

Have you ever imagined how Rapunzel would really fare if she had lived in the modern world but had to deal with all that hair? She would probably spend hours washing her locks, then a few more hours to dry and untangle the strands, then a few hours more to style her hair. She’ll never get to her job on time with all that activity on her hair alone!

Now, would you believe there is a family in Illinois, USA, whose locks are so long that they are being dubbed as the modern day Rapunzels? Meet Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell and her lovely daughters, all sporting such long locks that they had earned awards in the local country fair for having the longest, most beautiful hair.

The question in everyone’s mind often hovers over how the family takes care of their long locks. Well, according to Tere, she helps her daughters in the shower – applying shampoo and conditioner. However, she does not wash her hair anymore because of a bad experience several years ago when she fell to the floor because her wet hair was too heavy!

Yes, it is kind of weird but the family is not planning to cut their locks anytime soon; though one of the girls sometimes feels like cutting hers short, only to change her mind a few hours later.

Watch their unique story here: