This Feisty Baby Punches Himself in the Face During an Ultrasound… He was Knocked Backwards by the Force!

Daddy Dave and Mommy Vanessa Watson went to the clinic for a routine ultrasound for their 20-week-old baby, Edward James (EJ), when they received the surprise of a lifetime: seeing the child punch himself in the face with a force so strong that he appears to have been knocked backwards!

The moment was caught on camera by Daddy Dave who was filming EJ’s ultrasound to later share with friends and family.

Indeed, the moment was such a surprising one that this clip not only became popular with their own circle but also went viral, with thousands of netizens congratulating them for their feisty little baby.

Of course, the couple was quite worried that baby EJ could have been hurt by his own punch yet the doctor assured them that everything was alright and that the child was quite fine.

Check out the heart-stopping moment in this video:

Source :

Fox 13 News

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