This Former Junkshop Boy Graduates from BS Electronics Engineering as Dean’s Lister

Every year, we encounter a lot of inspiring graduates who prove to us that success is never hindered by poverty or physical disabilities because as it is said, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.

A young lad named Jayvee Acorita Calayag graduated from college but he went viral because he was once a junkshop boy – that means he had to search the streets and empty lots or even garbage bins for recyclable materials that he and his parents could sell to junkshops so they can money for food, school, and other needs.

Photo credit: Facebook/ Jayvee Acorita Calayag
Photo credit: Facebook/Jayvee Acorita Calayag

The money they earn is surely not a huge amount and would depend on a number of factors yet the family persevered and sent Jayvee (and his siblings) to school. Though Jayvee helped his parents until his high school years, he admits to not being able to do so in college because he had focused on his studies; thus, his parents had to work doubly hard in those long years yet all their hardwork had paid off.

Jayvee finally graduates from college with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineer – and a Dean’s Lister at that! In his post on Facebook, Jayvee thanks his parents, relatives, friends, and instructors for helping him succeed in his studies. He also promised to provide a better life for his parents.

Congratulations to you, Jayvee!

Source: Facebook/Jayvee Acorita Calayag