This girl documents her disorder with almost-daily selfies for 6.5 years…Inspiring…

What would you do if you learned you had a disorder of sorts, possibly with no known cure? Lots of people freak out. Well, who wouldn’t, really?

For one young lady, her endless battle with Trichotillomania caused her severe hair loss over the years. The disorder makes a person have the unnecessary and uncontrollable urge to pull the hair out, strand by strand. Often, it can be triggered by stress or negative emotions.

Rebecca Brown decided to document her battle with the condition as well as other struggles she’s had in the next 6.5 years by taking selfies on an almost daily basis.

Many of those who viewed her video were surprised to learn that such a condition exists – but encouraged her to stay strong. This video tugs at your heartstrings, especially during moments when you can clearly see a dramatic change in her appearance. She also noted several struggles she experienced, including heartbreaks, bouts with depression, entertaining suicidal thoughts, the passing away of loved ones, etc.

As the video progressed, you will find red marks on her face; these are evidence of a new disorder she developed: Dermatillomania. This time, the condition makes her pick her skin.

But you know what’s truly incredible? She is battling this condition by herself – and hopes to help others suffering the condition through the videos she made. We at BuzzFlare salute you, Rebecca Brown. Stay strong.