This Girl Graduates from College as Magna Cum Laude, Honors Her Laundry Woman Mother in a Speech… What a Wonderful Inspiration!

A lot of kids quit school in the Philippines even in the elementary and high school levels due to poverty. This is the reason why those who do finish their studies and graduate from college are considered an inspiration, especially if they earn a degree with flying colors!

We found one such graduate in Ormoc City, Leyte through the post made by Trending Pinoy Videos on Facebook.

The daughter of a laundry woman, Almira Dirain finished her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Filipino from St. Peters College of Ormoc City with flying colors – as magna cum laude!

According to the Facebook post, she was given the chance to give a valedictory address. In her speech, she praised her mother for working very hard so she could finish her studies. While she does enjoy a scholarship from SVSF, her mother also played a huge part in making sure that she has enough money for fare, food, and other needs.

Photo credit: Trending Pinoy Videos / Facebook
Photo credit: Trending Pinoy Videos / Facebook

Almira’s mom proudly walked up the stage as she received her medals. It is clear to see that they are both proud of each other, proud of what they had both achieved despite their poverty.

Let this story be an inspiration to everyone to work hard and reach your dreams despite whatever circumstances you might be in…

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