This Girl was Not Impressed by Guy’s Moves on Flex Cam…So She Decides to Surprise Him

Have you heard of the Flex Cam in sports events? It is similar to Kiss Cam but those shown on the big screen must flex their muscles instead of kissing for the camera.

Now, there’s a funny Flex Cam video that has since gone viral on YouTube after it was posted by user phillysoulfootball.

When the Flex Cam focused on one man, he began to show off his large muscles. He also appeared to be trying to impress the woman seated at his back; though she did not look too impressed by his moves.

The camera panned out to the rest of the audience for more Flex Cam moves, then went back to the first guy who appears to have won the game – but the lady he was trying to impress clearly upstages him!

Here’s the funny video: