This Girl’s Cool Trick to Clean Grout from the Floor is Fast and Easy to Do!

Keeping our homes clean and beautiful requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Still, even with utmost care and daily cleaning, dirt simply accumulates on spots like the grout in between the tiles.

Instead of calling the carpenters to remove the grimy grout and putting in new ones, you can simply have it cleaned using this fast and easy technique from YouTube user Clean My Space.

All you need is a spray bottle for the water (or if you are cleaning a larger area, you can use a bucket and a mop), brush for the tiles, cotton cloth for wiping, and baking soda.

The procedure is also quite easy to do. Simply wet the area you need cleaned, apply baking soda, and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then, wet the area again and brush. You’ll see the difference within seconds…

Check it out in this cool video: