This Gorgeous 50-Year-Old Model Proves it is Possible to Make Time Stop…Incredible!

While many of us are complaining about showing signs of aging even at age of 20 or 30, there’s this gorgeous Chinese woman, Candy Lo, who proves to us all that it really is possible to make time stop…

Of course, her race and genetic makeup really came in handy but others are saying this proves that cosmetic surgery can really be quite useful in stopping the aging process. We can’t confirm whether Candy has undergone any type of surgery but this does not change the fact that she looks so youthful and gorgeous at age 50, without any hint of aging. In fact, she looks like a teenager in many of her photos!

This mother-of-three has over 35.3k followers on Instagram, a number that is expected to rise as her fame spreads across the world. With so many admirers, it not a puzzle to us that all 3,000 copies of her book, Timeless, were sold out as soon as they hit the shelves!

Here are some Candy’s incredibly youthful photos…

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