This Guy Breaks into a Restaurant – But What He Did Next Had the Cops Scratching Their Heads in Disbelief! Strange…

One guy puzzled the cops after he broke into a fastfood chain but did not even attempt to steal money or get some valuables from the store; instead, he simply cooked some burgers for himself!

The police are still looking for the guy after he had broken into Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Washington, DC police. Even if he did not steal money or things from the restaurant, he could still face charges for breaking and entering the facility as well as for stealing some burgers (even if he cooked them himself!).

In the CCTV footage of the incident, the guy was seen entering Five Guys when a delivery guy came in. He waited until the delivery guy was out of the restaurant before he began searching the cabinets for what he had come for: not money but food!

As nonchalantly as if he owned the place, the burglar then turned on the stove and cooked some burgers! He was also seen calling someone on the phone; though audio of the conversation was not recorded by the CCTV.

Do you think he was really just too hungry but did not have money or was this guy acting on a dare? Watch the puzzling footage here:

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