This Guy Claims He Can Read Minds Even Over the Internet! Check This Out to See If He Can Really Read Yours

A Danish guy has gone viral these days for claiming that he could read minds even if he does not see you face to face – as long as you are watching his video. This claim has gone viral, with the video receiving over 20 million views mere days after Lasse Burholt posted it on Facebook.

What makes this video quite interesting to many people is that Burholt actually guessed the correct number they were thinking! But there were also those who quickly bashed the guy for fooling many people because he was not able to guess their number correctly.

Now, if you haven’t heard about his mind-reading technique, check this out and tell us whether he was able to read your mind:

Was Burholt able to read your mind? If you are curious as to how he did it, here’s how:

Did you notice that he gave out three equations for viewers to solve quickly? The first two were addition equations, conditioning your mind that the equations might be grouped into two. The third equation was subtraction, leading your brain to anticipate that the fourth one will be a subtraction again.

Instead of an equation, however, the viewer is asked to pick out a number between 5 and 12; now that your brain has been conditioned that the next line was going to be a subtraction problem, it automatically counts “12 minus 5” to give you “7”, the number that most people picked and the one Burholt claims to be what you are thinking.

Of course, this is not a fool-proof puzzle. In fact, many picked out different numbers than 7, leading to many people commenting about it and convincing other people that Burholt is a fraud – which led to the video going even more viral!