This Guy Cries After Hearing the Pilot’s Announcement on the Way Home from a Trip to Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is a paradise for entertainment seekers but not everyone who goes to Vegas leave the place with a huge amount of money from winning the jackpot in one of the numerous casinos in the resort town. In fact, most of those who leave the place find themselves with less money than when they had arrived – but that’s what happens during vacations even in other destinations, right?

Anyway, there’s a guy named Eric Sadiwynk who, just like most people, boarded his plane home from Vegas without winning a fortune. While aboard American Airlines Flight 607, he and his wife were quietly sitting on their seats when the pilot made a surprising announcement.

Over the PA system, the pilot announced, “I’ve got a note handed to me. I’m going to read it verbatim. It says, ‘can I have your attention please.I would like to something special for our lucky winners who won big here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now I’d like to turn your attention to seat 29 E where you’ll find Eric who’s traveling with his wife Lisa.

At this point, Eric was shocked while his wife Lisa looks like she could barely contain her excitement. The other passengers were soon looking at the couple, smiling though they still do not know what was going on.

Well Eric, although you didn’t strike it rich here in Las Vegas, you hit the jackpot,” the pilot continued. “Congratulations. You’re about to be a dad!

The plane erupted in cheers and applause, congratulating the couple while the surprised Eric was shocked by the good news that he was rendered speechless and could only kiss his wife in response. A few seconds later, he could be seen wiping tears from his eyes, truly enjoying the good news that he has become a dad.

What a way to announce a pregnancy!

Here's a MUST WATCH! A few weeks ago, my husband Eric Sadiwnyk got quite the surprise on our returning flight from Las Vegas. There aren't enough Thank You's for the crew of American Airlines Flight 607 (1/13/16) with service from Las Vegas to Philadelphia. You all helped me to pull this off seamlessly! I'm hoping if this video makes it around the internet a bit, I may be able to find the crew and Thank them again! I'll also be sending a copy to American Airlines Customer Relations. I love you Eric Sadiwnyk!

Posted by Lisa Sadiwnyk on Friday, February 26, 2016

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