This Guy Goes on a Honeymoon in Europe Without His Honey after Wife Loses Travel Documents

Two days before their scheduled trip to Europe for their honeymoon, Sana Patel, the wife of Indian photographer Faizan Patel, lost her travel documents. The couple tried to refund their tickets and hotel bookings but when they weren’t able to do so, Sana encouraged Faizan to enjoy the trip even if she can’t go.

Faizan promised that he would have as much fun in the trip for Sana to also enjoy it, somehow – and he also wanted to make sure she “will be there”; thus, he brought along a huge photo which he took pictures with.

On the plane, she placed her photo on the empty seat right next to him. He tweeted, “This is how I am travelling with my wife as of now. Travelling to Italy without wifey. #Yay #PartyTime #HoneyMoonwithoutHoney #milan

Photo credit: Faizan Patel / Twitter
Photo credit: Faizan Patel / Twitter

The hilarious snapshot quickly went viral – and it became so popular that it gained the attention of India’s minister of external affairs, Sushma Swaraj. Amazingly, Sushma tweeted Faizan, “Ask your wife to contact me. I will ensure that she is with you on the next seat.

Indeed, it wasn’t just a publicity stunt by the minister because Faizan would soon tweet that the passport has already been approved! But while this travel document was alright, they still have to work on the visa.

Thanks to @SushmaSwaraj, the passport is almost issued. Now the problem is the next available date at the VFS is on Thursday,” Faizan tweeted.

Perhaps, Sushma could also fast track the visa so Faizan could still finally enjoy the honeymoon with Sana…

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