This Guy Hasn’t Seen His Mother for 10 Years and When They Finally Meet, They have a Heartwarming and Memorable Reunion.

Watching this touching video makes me want to see my parents right now!

Nowadays, many families live apart. While most of the reasons may be related to their respective careers and jobs, some people don’t have a choice but to live away from home and away from their loved ones and families. This is the case for Jeffrey and his family.

Jeffrey was born here in the United States. His mom was a flight attendant, and growing up, he was raised back and forth between Paris, France and Libreville, Gabon. Because of his mom’s job as a flight attendant, he hasn’t seen her in 10 years!

He also has a brother named Axel, he hasn’t seen him in 4 years as well, because he lives in South Florida. Fortunately, Axel was able to secure a visa for their mother, and contacted Jeff’s wife about making a surprise visit. Making the plans for the surprise, they have been in contact through calls and video chat, but seeing them meet in person after a long, long time is surely something special to see. As soon as Jeffrey opens the door to their home, he was shocked to see his brother Axel. They gave each other a brotherly hug— Jeffrey couldn’t believe that his brother was actually THERE with him.

His wife then asked him, “Are you surprised?”

Then, as if on cue, that’s when his mother, Madeline made herself visible to the family, and Jeffrey broke down in tears. Imagine his surprise upon seeing his mother. Ten years apart is a very, very long time—but it is never too late to reunite!

Watch their heartwarming reunion below: