This Guy is Japanese, But He’s Painting an Overpass in the Philippines for Free!

Mazakasu Nose is a Japanese national who has lived in Baguio City, Philippines for a number of years – and he owns a food stall called Masaya Takoyaki at Baguio Center Mall but he’s becoming famous because of the takoyaki and waffles he sells there but because of the kind deeds he has done in the city for free!

For years now, Mazakasu has been observed by many locals and tourists as the Japanese guy who does not mind picking up trash across many places in the city – even if he is not paid to do so. He could easily by seen in public places like an overpass, park, or sidewalk while picking trash left by other people. He does not seem to mind doing this and does not complain at all.

He does not preach for others to follow him but lives by example.

Lately, he was photographed by netizen Querobin XD as he painted (also for free!) an overpass in the city. According to The Cordilleran Sun, this particular overpass connects Baguio Center Mall with the city’s public market.

Photo credit: Querobin XD/The Cordilleran Sun
Photo credit: Querobin XD/The Cordilleran Sun

He silently does the job, not asking for anything in return. Thousands of netizens laud this Japanese guy for his kind actions, asking other netizens to patronize his food stall at the third floor of Baguio Center Mall as a way of saying “thanks” for what he is doing in the country.

This kind deed became viral just days after a Taiwanese lady also went viral for cleaning a park and providing food for sweepers at Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City, also in the Philippines!

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