This Guy Proposed to GF at a Wedding…And Almost Started a War

There’s this unwritten rule about attending a wedding: never ever upstage the couple, especially the bride! After all, this is their big day, not yours, and they probably spent a lot of money to prepare for this grand event; so, it is not good to be rude and ruin their day by trying to be the center of attention.

This is the reason why one guy almost started a war on the internet when he proposed to his girlfriend in front of the bride and groom at a wedding. A photo of the tasteless proposal quickly went viral after it was posted on Reddit and Imgur, with thousands of netizens ******* the guy for being rude.

wedding proposal

Though in fairness to the guy, he must have thought it was the most romantic thing to do – after all, everyone feels good at weddings. He must have been really proud and in love of his girl for proposing to her in front of such an intimate crowd yet the clueless guy only earned bashers for his effort.

Most of those who commented on the photo were mindful of the bride (and her reaction) but there were also those who pitied the girl being proposed to because the guy did not give her a proposal where she is the only one who is the star.

What do you think?