This Guy Surprises His Girlfriend with a Proposal on an Airplane… And They Get Married Thousands of Feet from the Ground!

If given a chance, would you get married aboard an airplane? While that might be a little weird for many of us, there are people who would readily jump at the chance of doing something unique – and getting married thousands of feet from the ground is certainly a very unique thing to do!

That’s exactly what happened to Alexander and Marieke when airline Thomas Cook Belgium picked them as the recipient of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get married on an airplane; there’s a minor problem though: he hasn’t proposed to her yet!

To make the surprise proposal and wedding go without hitch, Alexander asked help from Marieke’s sister and family. Under the guise that Marieke and her sister won an all-girls holiday to Rhodes Island, the two boarded the airplane. Marieke was unaware that the rest of her family and friends were also aboard the plane.

When the plane was high up in the sky, Alexander surprised Marieke who was sitting at the front row…

When It All Happens In The Air!
Courtesy, Thomas Cook Belgium

Posted by Pastor Sunday Adelaja on Friday, June 10, 2016

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