This Guy Wanted to Make His Proposal Unique…So He Used Memes!

Memes are funny, crazy, stupid, etc – but they are rarely ever romantic. So, what was a guy thinking when he proposed to his girlfriend using memes?

Well, he just showed the world that even unromantic stuff like memes can turn romantic in the hands of a romantic guy with just the right amount of creative genes. Of course, it also helped that he had some good friends to back him up and a beautiful girlfriend who gamely read the memes he printed on large sheets of paper.

Did she say “yes”? Well, she does look like a fun girl so this guy’s efforts were certainly not laid to waste. Every time he would reveal a new sheet of paper, she would gamely read what was written there.

This couple is truly a happy one. You’ll enjoy the memes the guy picked for his unique proposal. Enjoy watching the funny yet heartwarming video below: