This Guy’s Unbelievable Journey from Fat to Fit Offers Inspiration for Everyone to Stay Healthy

While had he had always been overweight for most of his life, being a chubby kid and obese teenager, Coach Dante Pascual Jr., the consultant of the basketball varsity team of Naga City Montessori School in Camarines Sur, Philippines, did not think he had serious health problems until age 27 when he almost died from complications of his obesity.

You as he was at the time, he was already weighing 151kg (332lbs) and suffering not just from high blood sugar levels but also from high blood pressure. It got to a point when his blood sugar was at 300 mg/dL and his blood pressure shooting up to 180/140.

It was then that he realized he must do something with his weight problem before it leads to his early demise.

I realized that I had to change first how I felt in the inside—my perspectives—before I could begin to change the outside—my physical appearance,” Pascual wrote in a Facebook post.

But his journey from fat to fit was not an easy one; though this was expected for someone as huge as he had been. It would take him at least a year to reach his goal.

At first, I felt intimidated to walk into a room full of fit people. But they were surprisingly approachable. I knew then that this transformation would be fun, especially since I have a supportive family, friends and colleagues,” Pascual admitted.

Photo credit: Facebook / Dante Pascual Jr.
Photo credit: Facebook / Dante Pascual Jr.

Everything turned out as I had desired them to be—a changed life, a change for good. When I started, I weighed around 147 kg (323 lbs). Now, I am down to 76 kg (167 lbs). I have lost almost half of my starting body mass,” he revealed. “Back then, I thought it was impossible for me to lose weight because I was in denial about my unhealthy lifestyle.

So, how did he achieve these goals? Through hard work and determination, of course!

He wrote, “In the first 5 months, I did a lot of HIIT, elliptical and cardio to trim down my huge body mass; these resulted in a loss of more than 40 kg. I remember that during that time, I used to work out twice a day–2 hours of cardio in the morning, and another 2 hours of weight training in the evening. For the succeeding months, I focused on strength and muscle building to minimize the appearance of all the loose or sagging skin. I also changed my eating habit, by eating healthily and meeting my right calorie count daily.

This determined guy was able to lose 71 kg in his journey to stay healthy. This surely serves as an inspiration for those who are thinking that losing weight is something impossible to do! As it is said, “If there’s a will, There’s a way.

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