This Happens When Cool Dads and Uncles Let Their Daughters and Nieces Make Them Pretty… So Cute!

Majority of dads and uncles wouldn’t let their daughters and nieces make them look pretty because, well, straight guys are expected to be masculine, right? Well, there are a number of these straight guys who do not really mind looking pretty just so their lovely little girls can have a great time.

Take for example the guys in this series of photos shared by Facebook page, Random Thoughts. These cool dads and uncles do not appear to mind that their hairs and beards (and sometimes leg hairs!) are filled with flowers and hair ties. And some even sported some makeup and lipstick!

Of course, we don’t have anything against the guys who would never let their little girls make them look feminine because such, after all, is a personal choice (and they might have a reputation to uphold) but truly appreciate those who actually do. This certainly does not make them less male or less macho in our eyes.

Check them out in this photo series:

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