This Hilarious Wardrobe Fail Will Make You Cringe and Think Twice Before Twerking on Live TV!

This is why you should always think twice before twerking on live television. A contestant from British Big Brother gave viewers more than what they’d bargained for when her skin-tight denim dress gave way on live television this week as her twerk demonstration on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side ended with her flashing her knickers to the whole nation. Eeep!

Last week, contestant Lateysha Grace was being interviewed on the BB spin-off show Big Brother Bit On The Side when host Rylan Clark praised her twerking abilities, as seen during her time in the Big Brother house.  When Ryan asked her to give an impromptu demo of her skills, she gamely stood up and got ready to show off her skills but things took an unexpected turn when this happened: While she was shaking her behind to the camera, her dress ripped off!

Host Rylan was forced to run to her aide and zip her denim number back up, but he also could not contain his laughter with what just happened together with the audience. Lateysha reacted with a mixture of horror and hysteria as she realized she’d just bared her bum on national television, saying, “Why is this happening to me?”

Look at the epic fail video that went viral:

Lesson learned: Don’t twerk if the dress you’re wearing has a zipper at the back!

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