This Homeless Man Gave Money To a Man in Need in this Breathtaking Act of Kindness

They say, the most generous people are those who experienced deprivation. Why? It’s because they are the ones who know how it feels being at the very bottom of their lives – and they intend to help people who are in the same situation, despite having nothing themselves.

That’s why it’s so inspiring when we see stories of kindness that show us that there are still good-natured and kind-hearted people out there. Like what we are going to show you below.

YouTuber Johal was filming his new social experiment when he found a homeless man sleeping on a bench. That’s when he decided to test his kindness– he put some cash in the bag of the homeless man to find out what he’ll do with it. The moment the homeless man found the money, he was instantly filled with joy but Johal’s plan does not end there yet.

Johal came talking on the phone and sat on the other bench, he pretends to have a sick daughter and that he is in need of money for his daughter’s medication. The homeless man overheard the conversation and he took courage and approached Johal. What happens next will surely move you to tears.

Watch the heart-warming video below.

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