This Hospital in Japan ‘Surgeon Tryouts’ is the Most Unbelievable So Far — With the Use of Origami, Sushi and Insects!

Kurashiki Central Hospital, a large hospital located in western Japan, has teamed up with TBWA/Hakuhodo Japan to create a one of a kind and unique recruitment process that helps to test the precision, perseverance and creativity of students and will help identify the most skilled and brilliant surgeons in the land– with the use of origami cranes, sushi and insects! Can you imagine?

As we all know, doctors, particularly being a surgeon not only requires an unending desire for new knowledge, but it also involves having keen eyesight, nerves of steel, and lots of perseverance that will help you overcome stress and pressure. Some medical schools focus more on knowledge gained from textbooks and focus little on essential hands-on surgical practice which makes it difficult to pick out students who are book-smart and those with potential to become world class surgeons which makes this unique process an intriguing one.

Newly recruited ones are required to pass three nearly-impossible missions where they will demonstrate their potential surgical skills: mission one: fold three tiny origami cranes out of mini pieces of paper; mission two: reassemble a model of a tiny insect with many complex and tiny parts and mission three: create miniature pieces of sushi from a single grain of rice. And all of these nearly impossible missions are time-pressured, adding extra pressure to the physical challenge.

According to Dr. Toshio Fukuoka, who is the director of the Human Resource Development Center at Kurashiki Central Hospital, “In daily clinical practice, physicians constantly confront difficult challenges. We would like to evaluate the capability of medical students to stay calm and make correct judgments even under these circumstances. We planned this tryout to reveal the potential and uniqueness of the students, which ordinary written exams and interviews could not show.”

Watch their amazing try-outs below:

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