This Inspiring Afghan Teacher Bikes for More Than an Hour to Deliver Books to Children!

Meet this inspiring Afghan school teacher from Bamyan Afghanistan: Saber Hosseini. Every weekend and holiday, he rides his bike for more than an hour to delivery books to children in the remote villages in their province.  Talk about library on wheels!

In war-ravaged Afghanistan, children’s access to education can be quite difficult even in big cities. Especially for those who reside in remote communities, going to school is next-to-impossible. But with the help of the ‘library on wheels’, Saber offers the children the chance to have access to education and learning.

According to him, he came up with the idea for the bicycle library around six months ago. After he discussed the idea with some of his friends and the word spread through their communities, he was able to raise enough money to purchase 200 books. And now, six months later, the inspiring library has grown from 200 books to 3,500 books and Saber has recruited 20 more volunteers. He has also opened  public library in Bamiyan, a first in the city.

Photo credit: Observer

According to Saber, they ride bikes for several reasons: first, they don’t have enough money for cars. Second, some villages are only reachable by bike. And lastly, it’s a bit symbolic – the Taliban have at times used bicycles in their bomb attacks, so the message they want to convey is that they can replace this violence with culture.

Watch the video below and be inspired. Given the chance, would you do the same thing as Saber did? Let us know your thoughts by dropping your comments below.