This Invisible Driver Prank in a Tesla Sedan Surprises People Driving on the Highway

How would you react if one day, you’re driving down the road and then suddenly you see a moving car. Everything’s perfectly normal but when you’re side by side with the car, you look sideways and boo! you realize that there’s no driver driving the vehicle! For me, I’d definitely freak out if I see one. Imagine, how can a car move without someone actually driving it? Just wow, the things that new technology can do.

Drivers and onlookers are caught giving second glances and doing a double take before gawking in amazement as, a driverless Tesla navigates itself down a busy freeway. Most of us may have heard of Tesla’s autopilot feature which enables the vehicle to drive on its own and you might even consider it as 21st century witchcraft. It also appears to be a quite useful prank tool!

You may know or have seen this joker pranking drive-thru workers with his invisible driver prank–but now he’s taken it one step further. User MagicofRahat uploaded his latest practical joke clip to YouTube, which has already been viewed by over 1.3M people.

If you were there, what would you have done? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

Watch the prank here: