This is What Happens when Adele Impersonates Herself in an Audition for Adele Impersonators

With strong vocal cords and a unique voice, Adele is truly one of the best singers of this generation. Now, there are lots of people who want to be like her, especially in the entertainment world. So, when auditions for Adele impersonators were announced, there were a handful who tried their luck.

What these Adele impersonators did not know is that they were in for a big surprise because the real Adele is going to be among them. Of course, makeup artists made sure to change Adele’s face a bit so the other Adeles will not easily recognize her. At the audition, she introduced herself as Jenny.

It was fun to watch the real Adele pretend to be just another impersonator. She even pretended to feel nervous when her turn was near. When it was time for her to perform, she missed the cue! LOL. Adele is simply adorable.

Watch her impersonate herself in this video: