This is Why Dogs are So Much Better than People

Recently, Twitter user @paetonmathes bought a new bed for her dog, Kenny. The bed was too small but the dog did all he can to make sure that his owner would be happy. He posed alongside the bed looking great in the photo-shoot. When Kenny’s owner twitted about it, it got shared by 60k times and liked by more than 135k people.

This usually happens when you get something from a friend or family but the problem is that you don’t like that item.  You don’t want to hurt their feelings since they made an effort to make you happy. However in this case, the dog pretended that everything is fine when he received something that he didn’t like.

kenny 1
Image by Bored Panda

Fortunately for Kenny, his master noticed how he is faking it and bought a new bed big enough for him.  This dog shows how we should react when we receive something that we don’t like.  We should at least act like we love it since the person who bought it for us made an effort.

Anyway, we don’t have to pay for it and we should be thankful that someone was kind enough to buy us something.  Earning money is not that easy and everyone else is on a tight budget.

Netizens were amazed to find out that a dog could be so thankful.

kenny 2
Image by Bored Panda


“This is why dogs are so much better than people,” Antje Korf Kilgore twitted.

But Twitter user, Charlotte Lebel-Rodriguez says the dog is not pretending since animals have short lives and they love anything that they can call their own.

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