This Jeepney Driver Stops from Time to Time So He Could Share Food to Homeless People along His Route… Admirable!

When the jeepney driver stopped at some point in his route to place a pack of juice and some bread beside a person sleeping on the sidewalk, social media user Lloed Nemis thought the guy was merely giving food to a relative.

But when the driver kept stopping from time to time do hand some food to random people along the route, Lloed and his wife realized that this man was doing something incredible to the homeless people of Metro Manila wandering along his route!

The bread and the juice might not be much but such could mean the only clean food these people might have eaten in days! This admirable jeepney driver’s kind gesture brought tears to the couple’s eyes.

Photo credit: Lloed Nemis/Facebook
Photo credit: Lloed Nemis/Facebook

Lloed was so impressed that he shared the story and the driver’s photo on Facebook, hoping that people would commend this generous driver and also do random acts of kindness themselves, no matter how big or small they can share with others.

To you, Mr. Jeepney Driver, we wish you good luck, good health, and good fortune always…

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