This Kid is Falling Behind in Math Class… So He Builds an App to Do Math for Him and it Goes Viral!

What would you do if you are falling behind in Math class or any subject for that matter? While most people would work doubly hard and even hire a tutor to help them keep up, one student did something crazy – and it has paid off rather well!

Sixteen-year-old Amit Kalra isn’t a dull kid but his mom transferred him to a new school where he had to take an algebra class which he had already finished the previous year. So he tried to convince his mom to let him go back to his old school but when she finally relented, he was already quite far behind his class in geometry!

Photo credit: Yahoo! Finance
Photo credit: Yahoo! Finance

When he was having problems solving his assignments, he came up with the brilliant plan of creating an app to help him make his assignments and, essentially, do math for him.

After downloading an e-book on coding, Kalra created 6284 Calc, the name of which was derived from the numbers representing M-A-T-H on the telephone keypad.

The app was so good that not only will it give you the answers to a Math problem, it will actually present the step-by-step solution, enabling the students to really ‘make’ the assignment and present the solution for the item.

Photo credit: Yahoo! Finance
Photo credit: Yahoo! Finance

With the iOS app creatively making his assignments, Kalra told his classmates about it. Soon, the app became popular with his classmates and other students as well. The app’s popularity soared so high that Kalra got invited by Apple to attend the Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this year.

While most parents wouldn’t approve of letting an app solve Math assignments for their kids, 6284 Calc really became a hit with the students!

Let’s just hope that they make their assignments first, then simply run the app to check whether they are correct.

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