This Lady Struggles at the Gas Pump; What She Does Next had Me Laughing

Call it a ‘senior moment’ or whatever – but this woman is clearly in trouble. A lot of women experience trouble with cars, simply because many are not interested with the details of the vehicle. That’s fine.

However, when it comes to filling up the car with gas, you have to at least know which side the gas tank is, right?

In this video, a woman arrived at a self-service gas station. As soon as she parked beside a pump, she realized the gas tank was on the other side of the car, beyond the reach of the short hose.

So, drove to the other side of the gas pumps – which is still on the wrong side of her car! She then drove back to her starting point, only to realize she was back to square one, with the wrong side.

Watch whether she managed to eventually fill her car with gas: